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In the frozen wastes in the howling winds of the North, there is a city known as Winnipeg. Writers live here. Some of them don’t even know that they are writers. Some of them only suspect it. Some of them know, but do not often have time to write, or need inspiration, or find hope and encouragement in gathering together.

It is cold here, in the frozen wastes in the howling winds of the North. But there is magic and beauty here.  There is hope and conflict and sorrow.  There are humans (and sometimes non-humans) here with stories that need to be told.

And only you can tell them.

Come, storytellers, whether this is your first story, or your hundredth.  Come through the frigid tundra to the library.  Come sit, surrounded by books, in the centre of a labyrinth composed of shelves upon shelves of narratives and knowledge. 

The cold is not a deterrent to us.  It is a crystallization of purpose.

In the centre of the city in the frozen wastes in the howling winds of the North we will assemble and, together, we will write.

The workshop will be on January 28, 2017 at the Millennium Library from 1-4PM.  There is a registration fee, and it does cost more for non-Members of the MEA (although you can always buy a membership if you’d like).

For more information, please visit the MEA Website.

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