Nominations, Readings & Conventions, Oh My!

Much life stuff has happened and I’ll either write about it in another post or I won’t, but for now, this is what’s coming up:

First, I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while because it’s super-exciting.

Two of my recent story publications are eligible to be nominated for the Aurora Awards this year!

“A Winter’s Tale”
The Shadow Over
Portage & Main


Tomorrow’s Cthulhu

Both can be nominated by anyone with a CSFFA (Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association) membership.

CSFFA memberships are only $10, are available to all Canadians, and allow you to decide what gets picked for best Canadian SF&F for the year.

Right now, the stories are only in the eligibility stage. Nominations close May 6. (Which is a little under two weeks!  Eeek!) I of course would love it if you’d nominate my stories, but you should nominate whoever you think is best, regardless of whether or not I’m among them.

The nice thing about being nominated for the Auroras is that even if you don’t win, your story gets read by a large number of people.  For me, that’s almost better than being picked for an award.  So I’m super excited at being eligible and hoping beyond hope that at least one of my stories can get the 5 votes needed to be fully nominated.

I’m also the current volunteer webmaster for so if you do have trouble navigating through the website or otherwise need help voting, give me a shout and I can help.

In other news…

The Shadow Over Portage & Main was nominated for a Manitoba Book Award.

We didn’t win, but it was still a huge honour to be considered in the same category as the other titles we were up against. Everyone involved was super delighted about it.

I’m going to be doing a short reading this Monday

One of the Shadow Over Portage & Main authors, Jeremy Strong, is having a book launch at 7pm, this coming Monday at McNally’s and asked me to read something of mine briefly at the start.

So I’m going to be the opening act for this awesome event.

I’m going to be teaching 3 seminars in the next few months for the MEA.

I still need to write up the details but two will be creative writing workshops and one will be a technical information session on how websites work. They will take place on Saturday afternoons at the Millennium library on May 27, July 15 and August 19.

And finally,

Keycon invited me to come as an also-attending author!

I’m participating on seven writing panels (and running a couple of them) and in addition to all the fancy writing guests of honour, I’ll be hanging out with the likes of Lindsay Kitson and Timothy Gwyn. If you are coming to Keycon, please do come say hi.

Lindsay and I are notorious for disagreeing with each other about damn near everything to do with writing, and having both of us on so many of the same panels is bound to be the cause of a great deal of amusement for everyone involved.

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