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“A Winter’s Tale” (short story) in The Shadow over Portage and Main by Great Plains Publications (April 2016).

“Tangles” (short story) in Tomorrow’s Cthulhu:  Stories at the Dawn of Posthumanity published by Broken Eye Books (January 31, 2016).

“The Monk and the Butterfly” (short story) in Electric City 2
published by Prairie Fire (Spring 2015, Volume 36, No.1)  This is my first dead tree publication (printed on actual paper and everything) and you can still order a copy if you are so inclined.

The abstract for my Creative MA from the University of Manitoba.  There’s a hold on it for me to be able to seek publication for the six short stories within it.  Unfortunately, it’s a hold on the entire thesis instead of just the creative portion (I have no idea why.  I tried to get them to separate them so the critical part could be available to everyone but they said no and they make the rules).  There’s a book in the works for the fiction part now, so I’ll look at sticking the critical part up on the site when that’s launched.

Celery Salt” in Brain Harvest Magazine (March, 29, 2009)
This is a drabble, which is a type of microfiction where the story is one hundred words exactly, including title.

“Working for the Man” was published on the website for Postcards from Hell in 2008, however the magazine folded, the site went down, and my story never did get sent out on a postcard like all the other cool people involved.  (Even just the submission guidelines were fantastically hilarious and their rejection emails consigned your story to the lake of fire.  I loved that project so much.)

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