Writing Projects

This is where you’ll find writing projects that are in progress or that I’m not expecting to ever stop messing with.

The Tweets of Wang Wei
Infecting the Internet with ancient Chinese poetry via a media-shifted remix of Pain Not Bread’s Introduction to the Introduction to Wang Wei.  The tweets of Wang Wei (@tweetsofwangwei) can also be followed directly on twitter.

Interactive fiction should technically go here, but it gets its own page up in the tabs.

The Shub-Niggurath Goat Sacrifice Project
Why spend your holiday attempting to spread good will and cheer when you could be spreading madness and insanity?  This solstice, do something meaningful.  Help summon forth the Black Goat of A Thousand Young.  Remember:  Peace on Earth is easily achievable when everyone is dead.  Currently on hiatus, but I’m hoping to have it return again in future.

Beware of Turtle