Behold! The Birthpost!

Behold!  The Birthpost!


It’s alive!

Welcome to named, unoriginally, after my first and last name, in order.  Previous incarnations of a blog-like place for me have included and

The new website is a skeleton right now.  Updates will be scheduled dependent upon my whim.  The most important part right now is the links section where you will find things like my upcoming publications, my contact information, my various projects, etc.

For a more frequently updated online presence, please visit my twitter feed where I post as @nocturnalturtle.  You don’t need to have a login to see what I write there, although you are welcome to follow me if you like.  If you do follow me on twitter, sending me a note saying who you are and why you’ve added me will mean you are far less likely to be unintentionally ignored as spam.

I’ve been intending on throwing this site together for quite some time now, but the catalyst was getting the go-ahead from Pain Not Bread and their publisher for @tweetsofwangwei to live.  So this main site, and the domain, are basically just being thrown together right now in order for me to set up and run that on its own subdomain.  I’m very excited about it and will be updating it quite a bit in future as it is the current new shiny project for me right now.

I like getting emails, messages, and any other forms of communication from the rest of the world.  Please do feel free to say hello whenever you like, even if you don’t actually “know” me and haven’t ever read anything I’ve written or participated in anything I’ve done.  Humans are strange and interesting and I’m always curious about getting to know more of them.