This is the introductory paragraph or paragraphs at the beginning of the story. It will set a scene and will start the reader down the path of the story. For the purposes of this test the path will have 2 branches right now, [[left|Left from Start]] and [[right|Right from Start]]. You have gone left from the start. This path leads to three doors. [[Door 1| Door 1]], [[Door 2|Door2]], and [[Door 3|Door 3]].You have chosen the right path from the start. There are two closets here: [[Closet A|Closet A]] and [[Closet B|Closet B]].You open door 1. Rocks fall and you die. The end.You open door 2. You cause the end of the world. You are a bad person and everyone hates you. They hate you so much you die of shame. The end.When you open door 3 it creates a time warp that wipes your memory and sends you back to the [[Start|Start]].You find someone wonderful who you fall instantly in love with. They are in love with someone else and do not love you back. You die of heartbreak. The end.Congratulations. This is the preferred ending of the story. You get nothing special but nothing bad happens either. You win. The end.