Other things I do

In addition to writing, I am employed full time at the University of Manitoba in their IT department as a Web  Developer / System Administrator / Web Support Specialist.  I help UofM staff use various kinds of software to update the UofM website, portals, events calendars, and other web-related activities, as well as write technical documentation and run training classes.


I also run these small business-y type things:

Freelance Editing & Creative Mentoring

I have both an Undergraduate (critical) and an MA (creative) in English.  I’m a member of the Manitoba Editors Association and the Manitoba Writer’s Guild.  I do copy-editing, proof-reading, etc. for graduate students, businesses, etc. (basically anyone that needs something edited for grammar, spelling, coherence, etc. )

I sometimes run creative writing classes and provide creative mentoring services for people who want to write/finish something but are having trouble doing so. (Think of it like the writing equivalent of a personal trainer, only for words.)

I don’t have a website set up separately for this right now, but I might in future.  Feel free to email me if you’d like a quote on a document or have any other questions.

Technical Writing

I’m a member of the Society for Technical Communication and hold a two year certification in Technical Communication from Simon Fraser University.  I have done technical writing throughout my IT career about one third of my current job duties involve technical writing.  I am always looking for freelance technical writing opportunities, especially ones which will provide references or allow me to use material I’ve created to show to other clients.

Website / Web consulting

Rumor has it that I’m the volunteer loyal web minion for the Aurora Awards, the MEA, the STC, and the Shadow Over Portage & Main anthology.  I’m pretty competent at web-related things and the UofM pays me full time to keep their websites running.  Outside of my day job, I do freelance web consultations for businesses and, while I can build and design websites pretty well, my primary strengths are when things go poorly – really poorly.  I’m especially good with disaster recovery/break-fix/web-security-failure types of situations.  People pay me to come rescue them from webby disasters and/or have me dive in to immanent disasters before they occur.  I’m not cheap, but I’m good.  Email me if you’re stuck and you need help.

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